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Top 5 Wednesday – Collectibles on Our Bookshelves

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–Discuss your favorite collectibles on your shelf, whether they are special editions of books, funko pops/figurines, candles, bookmarks, etc! They don’t all have to be from the same category; you can mix and match 😊

How on earth is it already April?! I know we say that at the beginning of every month, but come on. Nevertheless, here we are.

This is such a great prompt, and we’re excited Sam included it. There are so many great bookish and non-bookish goodies gracing our shelves, and we love them all. Narrowing down our choices was HARD, but we’re pretty happy with what we ended up with today.


Honeydukes Jar

As sappy as this is, I got this on my honeymoon, so it holds about 87 different places in my heart. It used to hold Sherbet Lemons, but now it holds origami stars with the titles of some of my unread books on them! Visiting Harry Potter World with my favorite guy was a ridiculously amazing experience (even though I cried AND punked out on one of the rides), and I am thankful for his patience, because I wanted to see EVERYTHING. And, you know, consume any and all Butterbeer products.

Kady and Ezra Funkos

The funniest thing about these is that Kate facilitated them as a Christmas gift months before actually reading the series herself, and now she’s trash like me! They live in a place of honor on my Kristoff shelf, right in front of my Illuminae Files books and behind and “Am I not merciful?” bookmark. I’m hoping to get myself a Hannah, Nik, and Ella someday! These are not only awesome in and of themselves, but awesome because my best friends got them for me.

From Pages of the Night on Etsy. She has a huge collection of custom Funkos, and she does an amazing job!

City of Weep Snowglobe

There could be entire stores dedicated to merchandise for Laini Taylor’s works, and I would still think there isn’t enough. I received this just a few days ago, and I knew it was coming, but I still couldn’t contain myself. I adore it.

Shades of Magic bookmarks

I have a little line of shiny string across the front of a single one of my Schwab shelves (I’ve been meaning to put up more, but here we are), and it houses the most ADORABLE little magnetic bookmarks I’ve gotten as gifts from friends. I eventually want to do this with several of my themed shelves, but this was the best place to stars.

Hagrid’s Hut mug by Cara Kozik and Owlcrate

This came in one of the first Owlcrate boxes I ever got, and it was even a gift from my mom, so it is extra special. I’ve gotten a couple of other mugs with Cara’s art, but this one is my favorite.


Escalating Panic tin

I did my college internship at Ministry of Stories in London. This is based off of a US program called 826 Valencia. I highly encourage you to click through the links in this blurb to check out their mission, and if you’re in the area and available, see if they need some volunteers or support them with a purchase. Each of the locations is themed, and the London location is home to Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, and they sell a wide variety of creepy, crawly, scary tidbits, including tinned fear. Each tin contains a short story and some candies. I’ve never eaten them, but I hear they’re good. Anyway, I got this one on my last trip to London, and I gave myself a good chuckle when I put Escalating Panic in Mr. Kristoff’s immediate vicinity. Seemed fitting.

Rowan plushie

This came in the FaeCrate Kingdom of Ash box, and I love him. I love him SO MUCH. Rowan Whitethorn is never a character I would have envisioned owning a plushie of, but man am I glad it exists! It’s hilarious to see his broody, tattooed face sitting on my shelf every day.

My Mate button

Technically, this isn’t on my shelves, but it’s hanging right next to them, so I’m counting it. This came in the YA Chronicles ACOFAS box, and it’s one of my favorite pieces of merch ever. The artist’s take on Rhys’s face is just pure gold. I can’t tell you why I love it so much or why I think it’s so funny, but I really do. You’ll have to pry that thing from my cold dead hands.

Grishaverse globe

This is a recent acquisition, but I squealed when I opened the box, so I couldn’t not count it. I love maps. I’m always so excited when they are included in sub boxes, and I thought this was a great, original take on that. Plus, it’s so much easier to display on my shelf than another paper item.

Le Cirque des Rêves ticket

I periodically search Etsy for some art or merch for my favorite fandoms, and I found these tickets. I think approximately 2.4 seconds passed between finding them and checking out. When they arrived, there were three instead of the one I was expecting (see what happens when you don’t read the fine print?!), so I gave one to Paige and one to our friend Caitlin, since we are all head over heels in love with this book. It’s such a simple thing, but it makes me smile every time I look at my shelf.

Purchased at Red Gold Sparks on Etsy. They have a variety of unique paper products, including short comics and coloring books. Be sure to check it out!

So what do you think? Did we pick well? What are some of your favorite items on your shelves! Let us know in the comments!

We’ll be back with more T5W fun next week! And as always, happy reading! 💜💛

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