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Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Book Covers!

Posted September 26, 2018 by A Conjuring of Lit in Top 5 Wednesday / 0 Comments

We are the ultimate Cover Queens, so you can imagine how excited we got when we saw this week’s Top 5 Wednesday topic over on Goodreads. That excitement quickly turned to panic as we both went home, scanned our shelves, and realized that we have EXQUISITE TASTE.

We’re humble, right?

Anyway, here are our top TEN (five each, it counts) favorite book covers that we settled on.



UK 1st/1st of Strange the Dreamer: We will not speak about how much Paige snagged this for on eBay. We just won’t. While all the the UK hardcovers have this beautiful, deep blue cover with gold foil, the first printing of the first edition ALSO came with sprayed edges. It is everything a book cover should aspire to be, and we cannot WAIT to get our UK copies of Muse of Nightmares! (WHICH COMES OUT NEXT WEEK HOLY CRAP GUYS)






UK hardcover of Daughter of Smoke and Bone. The covers for all 3 of these books are PHENOMENAL, but this is definitely Paige’s favorite. We’re both working on tracking down the whole series in this format! The feathers are a beautiful color AND they’re shiny.






THIS BOOK IS STUNNING. Neither of us has read this yet, but we have both been waiting for it to come out for a while. This is the original cover, but Owlcrate and Fairyloot both did awesome exclusives. We








…are we seeing a theme yet? This is the Goldsboro edition of Reaper at the Gates. We are both OBSESSED with the UK revamp of these book covers, and we both HAD to get this copy when it was announced. So gorgeous, and we can’t wait to get the other books in this edition as well.





swoon. Not only is this book beautiful on the inside, but this Fairyloot exclusive cover is AMAZING. The original has orange where this one has a deep red, and it is just that much more stunning for that change.






This is two books. We don’t care. Paige is ~literally~getting a Nevernight inspired tattoo later today. These covers are stunning, especially the detail on the crow on Nevernight. We cannot wait to see what Darkdawn looks like! (Also we both have the US hardcovers as well. Whoops.)

And maybe also the US paperbacks….Kate has a collection problem…




Tired of seeing UK covers yet? And is it a post by us without some SJM? We love the simplicity of the white background that highlights Aelin’s badassery.






Tra la la. Something something white UK cover with red foil. We have a type, okay?







We couldn’t pick just one copy of The Night Circus, so instead here are all of Paige’s copies. This book makes promises with its cover(s) and then TOTALLY DELIVERS.







And also, look at how pretty the UK Halloween edition is! No, we don’t care that we’re including five editions of the same book. They’re all similar enough that it basically just counts as one anyway, right? Right.






And yet another book that is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside!









Extra bonus – our copies of the sequel, The Caged Queen, arrived today! Happy, happy book birthday!






So there you have it! The gushiest of gushes over some of our favorite beautiful books. We would also recommend ANY of these books to you guys. Let us know in the comments what you think of our faves, and let us know what you would add to the list!

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