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Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite SFF Creatures

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–Discuss your favorite characters from Science Fiction and Fantasy books! This is a crossover topic with the Booktube SFF Awards Book Babble discussion for this week.

We struggled a bit with how to tackle this week’s topic, because there have been a couple similar ones in the last couple months. But we also never want to miss and opportunity to stan some of our favorite booktubers, so clearly, we weren’t going to skip it.

To see those older posts that have a little more detail to them, check out our Favorite Paranormal Creatures and Favorite Monsters posts from last October.

Also, we’ll have some info about the Booktube SFF Awards, hosts, and shortlist down at the bottom for anyone who might be interested!


  • I lurve dragons. Smaug did nothing wrong.
  • I lurve witches. Manon Blackbeak is my queen.
  • I lurve the fae. Any and all iterations, I am on board.
  • I lurve rogue AI. Ok so they aren’t really creatures, but go read Illuminae and Skyward, and you’ll see what I mean. Um, they totally count as creatures in sci-fi world.
  • I love air bison. Appa, YIP YIP.
Red, black, and white art piece of Manon Blackbeak and Abraxos from Throne of Glass. Artwork by monolime.
GORGEOUS Monolime print of Manon and Abraxos πŸ–€
Check out Instagram for more great artwork.


I’m barely functional, so I’m not going to be as fun as Paige. Just know that I aspire to be.

  • My number one, all day every day, is dragons. Obviously. Saphira, in particular, is my hero. And Abraxos. And Glaedr. Okay, you get my point.
  • Unicorns. Clearly. They have magical powers, they’re freaking adorable, and I have a llamacorn popsocket on my phone right at this very moment.
  • Mermaids. I don’t care what iteration, be it Disney or Harry Potter or somewhere in between. They’re all great and powerful and mysterious.
  • Witches. And this one I’m just going to copy Paige. Manon Blackbeak is queen of all.
  • Phoenix. The concept is cool, and I find their whole existence to be very inspirational.
Transparent purple phone case with a llamacorn pop socket sitting on a dark wood table.
Lest you think I was kidding.

What are some of your favorite SFF creatures? Kate’s original list had about nine, and narrowing it down almost killed her, so don’t leave her hanging!

Now for some important Booktube SFF Awards deets!

We’re both jazzed about all the great books that made the shortlist this year. For those of you who might not know, the Booktube SFF Awards are hosted by a group of booktubers to honor various categories of Science Fiction/Fantasy books from the past year. The whole process takes about six months, and there are nominations, rounds of voting, and read alongs that bring together a good chunk of the bookish community.

For more details, visit their website. You’ll find info about the awards and the hosts, so check it out and watch some of the videos that go into more detail. There’s also a Goodreads group you can join if you’d like to follow along there.

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