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Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Book Paranormal Creatures!

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October 24th: Favorite Books Featuring [Paranormal Creature of Your Choice]

— This is a repeat topic from last year, but as it’s a good one AND interchangeable so it can be different each year, it’s back again.



I picked witches! Witches come in all shapes and sizes, and some of my favorite characters of all time are witchy women.

  • From Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood – We’ll just get the obvious out of the way. Luna is my favorite HP character of ALL TIME. She’s quirky and optimistic and just a little bit off, just as I aspire to be.
  • From the Throne of Glass series, Manon Blackbeak – I’m sure you guys are tired of hearing about ToG characters, but Kingdom of Ash JUST came out, and we’re going to a SJM event tomorrow. Cut us some collective slack.
  • From Tamora Pierce’s Tortall universe, Veralidaine Sarrasri – TECHNICALLY she is a mage, but for my purposes, she’s totally a witch. Daine is basically a druid, as she has close ties to animals, can speak with them, and even shapeshift into almost any animal. Goals?
  • From Charmed Life by Diana Wynne Jones, Gwendolen Chant – Gwendolen is THE WORST, which makes her the best. She is a control freak and is insanely powerful (or is she?) and I had the best time reading her and her brother Christopher’s story over and over again as a child.
  • From Wicked, Elphaba – So like, real talk. I haven’t read the book, and I honestly don’t care to. I got to see Wicked for the first time in 2017 because my super-rad husband (with Kate’s help!) got me tickets to see it for our 2nd wedding anniversary. I AM OBSESSED. Also, in case you were wondering, Elphaba and Gaaaaalinda? Totally ship ‘em. Brb, defying gravity.



I guess I’ll go with dragons. I never really realized just how much I love dragons until recently, which is strange given the number of books I’ve inhaled that feature dragons for most of my life. I feel like there’s a lot of overlap between this prompt and some of the others we’ve done this month, but that’s okay, because mythical creatures are great. Here we go!


  • Smaug – the OG. I know Smaug isn’t ACTUALLY the original literature dragon, but he was the first depiction that I experienced. I first read The Hobbit when I was….ten? I think? Too young, but I loved the illustrations in the copy I was reading. Then, and honestly still, I thought it was funny that the depiction of Smaug was so tiny, when in the story he was so very large. Plus, the he’s just a badass. (Fire, death, etc.)

    I kill where I wish and none dare resist. I laid low the warriors of old and their like is not in the world today. Then I was but young and tender. Now I am old and strong, strong strong.”

  • Toothless – mostly from the movies, but also from the books. Just a little. I only listened to them, so I don’t have a very thorough understanding of the Toothless from Cressida Cowell’s perspective, but I can tell you that the movie version melts my heart every time. Plus, I have black cats that look like him when they’re feeling angsty, neglected, or otherwise mistreated, which, of course, they aren’t, but cats will be cats.
The skulk king himself, Brom!
  • Abraxos – because he’s basically Toothless. Technically, I know, he’s a wyvern, and while I know they’re different, I can’t really help with include Abraxos in this list. I’m reading Kingdom of Ash right now (obviously), and he’s just so perfect. That perfect mix of vicious, fierce, cuddly, and protective you just can’t help but love in your noble witch steeds, ya know? Anyway, he’s among the very best.
  • Glaedr – because I’ve already talked about Saphira this month. Not exactly a high bar given that my first three are repeats, but it is what it is. After finishing my Inheritance Cycle reread a couple months ago, and then hearing about the short story collection coming out (link), this series has been on my mind a lot. And with that, comes thinking about all the amazing ways dragons are portrayed in this world. The list is endless and incredible. Glaedr and Saphira are my favorites, not only because they’re the ones we get the most facetime with, but because they’re just so damn snarky. I live and breathe dry humor, and consequently, Glaedr’s teaching methods and sense of humor really speak to me.
  • Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion – because Dany deserves it. I’m going books here, not TV show, though I love those versions just as much. And though I know Drogon is Dany’s mount, I can’t just choose one. When the eggs hatched, Dany was able to really start to come into her own. The virtual enslavement by her brother, the death of Khal Drogo, the loss of her child – she was vulnerable and she needed to find her way. They helped her do that. Their birth transformed that world by transforming Dany as much as it did by their mere existence.


Honestly, the prompts this month have been absolutely perfect for us. Let us know what your favorite witches and dragons are (especially if we missed someone very important!) and leave a comment down below with YOUR top 5 Wednesday post if you have one. Thanks for stopping by!

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