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Throne of Glass Character Tag

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This is an original tag created by Grace over at G-Swizzle Books on YouTube. She has updated the tag for release of Kingdom of Ash (CUE SCREAMING) and we decided we’d take a stab at it! Or many stabs, in the spirit of Celaena Sardothien. 


  1. Celaena Sardothien: A kick-ass protagonist that had a rough start in life
    • P: May I present to you exhibit A: Lazlo Strange. He is an amazingly adorable cinnamon bun of a man, but his life was incredibly hard to start out. Lazlo is an orphan, and he was sent to a monastery that took in orphans of the war. His last name is the name given to bastards and orphans, much like the GoT world. He ends up becoming an underling at a library after escaping his horrible monastery life, but things aren’t that much better for him for a long while. HE DESERVES THE WORLDS.
    • K: Karou. Holy crap. And technically, she had two pretty rough starts. I know that the very beginning of her life wasn’t terrible, but given that her entire species was massacred when she was very young and then she was placed in the care of a tyrant? I’m saying it counts.
  2. Dorian: A flirty character that you cannot help but love
    • P: Nina Zenik is my Grisha queen. She is fat, powerful, loves waffles, and does everything in her power to make Matthias Helvar as deeply uncomfortable as possible because he thinks she’s cute AF. What’s not to love and adore and worship about that?
    • K: Carswell Thorne. He’s one of those characters I had a feeling about even before we knew he’d be sticking around, and I was relieved when I was right. There’s something infectious about him even when he’s at his most flirtatious and annoying. (Cresswell for LIFE.)
  3. Chaol: A good character with a dark and moody side
    • P: …eh. Kale.I’m gonna go with a new favorite and say Jetta from For a Muse of Fire by Heidi Heilig. I ADORE this freaking book. Jetta canonically has a mental illness (known as a malheur, which is taken from the French word for sadness), and she is literally a necromancer. She tries to do what is good and right, but she very much lives in a world where the right thing is often the hard thing.
    • K: Kell Maresh. Dude carries too much of the world on his shoulders sometimes, and it can be a bit much.  (I was gonna say this, but was trying not to be a broken record. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE).
  4. Princess Nehemia (SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER): A character that had so much potential that was killed off too soon
    • P: SPOILER FOR DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE) Brimstone, and not because I think his death was wrong, but because I am so deeply intrigued by who he is and how he got to be how he is. I would absolutely adore a novella about Brimstone and his cohorts.
    • K: I spent way too long trying to come up with my own answer for this one, but honestly, same. Brimstone is the first character that popped into my head, and I haven’t come up with another one that I feel as deeply in the 18 or so hours I’ve had this tab open to provide my answers. Like so many other characters in this world, there’s a lot of story left to tell, and I hope we get to hear his someday.
  5. The King of Adarlan/Maeve: Your favourite villain
    • P: Holland from ADSoM. He isn’t a traditional villain, but he is definitely one of my favorite antagonists to read EVER.
    • K: The Nightbringer. I am chomping at the bit to find out where the fourth Ember book takes his storyline and wraps up the whole, ya know, overarching plot line I can’t talk about without spoiling. It’s going to be great and terrible, and I need it NOW. Or, ya know, as soon as Sabaa’s sanity allows.
  6. Rowan: Your favourite love interest
    • P: In the interest of not going all SJM on you, I’ll have to go with Kaz Brekker. His slow burn with Inej, especially in Crooked Kingdom, almost made my heart stop.
    • K: Rhysand. And I’m not even kind of sorry to use an alternate SJM universe character. Oh my god.
  7. Aedion: Your favourite bookish relative (brother, sister, cousin, etc)
    • P: Kell and Rhy Maresh FOR LIFE. Rhy would be so annoying to have as a brother, but I absolutely adore them.
    • K: The princesses in the Three Dark Crowns series. My feelings on these books run very hot and cold, but Katharine, Mirabella, and Arsinoe, themselves are exceptions to that.
  8. Manon Blackbeak: Your favourite Anti-hero
    • P: Oh good I can’t answer Manon. Great. We’ll go with Locke from the Gentleman Bastards series by Scott Lynch. He is great and also garbage.
    • K: Jaime Lannister. Will he do what’s right? Will he blindly back his sister? Will he continue to learn from his mistakes? Or is that just a fool’s dream? NO ONE KNOWS! (Another excellent answer. I struggled SO hard with this one. I lurve Jaime.)
  9. Abraxos: Your favourite bookish noble stead or even pet
    • P: Again with the “can’t answer with the character in the tag” nonsense. We will go with Mr. Kindly from Nevernight, who is super neither a steed or a pet. He’s not even really a cat, and I don’t care!
    • K: Kozu from The Last Namsara. He is the noblest of steeds. (Kozu would NOT be happy to hear you say that.)
  10. Asterin: A character that is loyal
    • P: Zuzana from the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series. She is truly one of the best friends anyone could ever have, which is REALLY important in the story, and Karou couldn’t have gotten through without Zuz and Mik.
    • K: Liesel Meminger from The Book Thief. I’ve been thinking about this book a lot lately, and my memories of the story and of Liesel specifically are so filled with awe. Her relationship with Max, and the way she stood up for her friends was incredibly given her age and the world in which she was living.
  11. Lysandra: A character that grew on you
    • P:Dax from The Last Namsara and The Caged Queen. Kate just finished TCQ this weekend, and you should ask her about her feelings! I absolutely adore Dax now that I’ve read TCQ, but I can’t really tell you why! GO READ THEM. (Garbage turned cinnamon roll. I’m still figuring this one out. Someday there will be a Roa rage post, just you wait!)
    • K: Chaol. Grudgingly. Let’s see if he continues his positive improve in KoA. (Turn him into Kale chipz.)
  12. Elide: A character that is always hopeful even in the worst circumstances
    • P: All of the children from the Wayward Children series by Seanan McGuire. I WILL NEVER STOP JABBERING ABOUT THIS SERIES. It is ALL about hope. Every single one of these children (and some adults) hopes beyond hope to be able to return to their perfect world, and sometimes it hurts.
    • K: How on earth Laia of freaking Serra somehow always circles back to, “Everything has to work out.” is ASTOUNDING to me. Her world is in shambles, and while she knows that, it doesn’t seem to phase her for more than a few moments at a time.
  13. Aelin: A character who has gone through extensive change/character development
    • P: Darrow from Red Rising by Pierce Brown. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know that “extensive change” is a gross understatement.
    • K: Ceony Twill from The Paper Magician series. Girl EVOLVES. Her underlying determination remains the same, but the changes that come about in her because of it are incredible.
  14. Fleetfoot: A character who stays safe no matter what circumstances are thrown at them
    • P: This is a horribly difficult question! Monty from The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue doesn’t necessarily stay super safe, but he always seems to squirt himself out of trouble in the nick of time, usually with the help of his friends and family.
    • K: Eragon via Deus ex Saphira. It’s literally unfathomable. Dude should be dead about ten times over, yet he somehow faces basically no physical consequences for his actions or environment. Yes, I know he has Durza’s wound, but even that has basically no consequences in the grand scheme of things. Unreal.
  15. Lorcan: Your favourite morally grey character
    • P: …favorite? Just one? UGH. My heart as of the very moment demands that I say Mia Corvere.
    • K: Jude from The Cruel Prince. The closer Wicked King gets, the more I’m thinking about this. (Jude = heart eyes)
  16.  Yrene: Name an underrated gem of a character
    • P: Sevro from the Red Rising series. He’s ridiculous and heinous and a loose cannon on the edge who doesn’t play by the rules. Get on board.
    • K: Boromir. No, I’m not kidding. He catches a lot of flack for his cowardice and how tempted he was to claim the ring as his own. Let me give you the Reader’s Digest version of why both of those are crap. 1) Boromir was the only person in the Fellowship who had actually fought Sauron’s forces. He was also the only one who actively had the weight of a nation on his back. Yeah, technically the weight was Aragorn’s, but it’s not like he was claiming it at that point. So maybe try to look at his behavior in perspective. 2) He literally died to protect Merry and Pippin, who are basically only there for flavor. Not the ring bearer. Not anyone royal. Just a couple good old Hobbits who are trying to help out their friends and are in way over their heads. 3) You would TOTALLY try to take the ring. Please don’t lie to my face and say you wouldn’t. Also, he acknowledged his fault in trying to take it pretty openly. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


And there you have it! Now excuse us, we’re about to dive into 1,000 pages of torture that we’ve been waiting (months/years, depending on who you are) for. Comment down below with some of your own answers!

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Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Villains

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October 10th: Favorite Villains

It looks like we last did this topic in 2016, so I encourage you to pick new villains if this is not your first time covering this topic! (also, as before, try not to just use HP characters…)




  1. Would this list be complete without throwing in a character from the Villains series by V.E. Schwab? No. And since the whole series is about people being in that murky in-between of good and evil, I’m going to pick my favorite person in Vicious – Victor Vale. His black-out poetry, really cool EO power, and his complex *cough* relationship with Eli is everything
  2. Osaron from the Shades of Magic is also up there, because we are loyal subjects of Queen Schwab here. He is TERRIFYING. He is NOT HUMAN. He is EVIL. And he is POWERFUL.
  3. AIDAN from The Illuminae Files! Maybe some of you are like “What, AIDAN isn’t a villain?” and I am here to tell you it IS and it is GREAT. So complicated. So angsty.
  4. Anise from Winterspell by Claire Legrand. Anybody else seeing a theme here? Complex, twisty villains are my fave.
  5. The Master from Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire. I can’t really say much about why I  love this character without really spoiling the book, so go read it! Not all is as it seems.


Ahhhh yes! My (not so) secret evil book friends.

  1. The Darkling. Allow me to step onto my soapbox – yes, he is a villain; no, he is not redeemable; and no, I don’t think he’s that tragic. He’s just BAD, and that’s why he’s such a great character.
  2. Levana from The Lunar Chronicles. My love (see: hatred) for her was cemented when I read Fairest. I was concerned that learning her back story was going to humanize her and make me feel sympathy or pity, but it didn’t, and I was SO. EXCITED. ABOUT IT.
  3. Bellatrix Lestrange. When I picture a cliche angry villain, the image that pops into my head is Helena Bonham Carter from the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 movie, so I’d feel remiss leaving her out. I don’t recall a whole lot about her, strangely enough, but I do know that she always left me feeling deeply unsettled, both in the books and the movies, and that is the mark of a great villain to me. DISCLAIMER: This is the only HP thing on the list, and the prompt just said not to do ALL HP. Success.
  4. The Nightbringer from the Ember series by Sabaa Tahir. Is he a villain? Isn’t he? I can’t talk a lot about this, because 1) I don’t want to accidentally spoil something and 2) there’s still a fourth book to be written and read. But I’m listening to Reaper right now, and I keep finding more things to question and love/hate about him.
  5. Maeve from Throne of Glass. Like, I REALLY can’t say anything about this one, but I’m anxious to see how her whole THING plays out. Also, please take this as my last minute plea to actually read Tower of Dawn. It is not the filler book that the fandom seemed to think it was going to be, and it contains major plot points. If you want to read Kingdom of Ash without, fine, but you won’t know what’s happening.


What do you think? Villainy enough? Evil, crazed, manipulative, and misunderstood enough? Let us know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to tell us your favorite villains!

Until next week!

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