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October 12 – Favorite Monsters

Although I used the word monsters, this can technically be any mythical creature. But if you want to go scary, by all means.



I took this to mean specific individuals from different categories of mythical creatures, mostly because that sounded the most fun!

  1. Issa from Daughter of Smoke and Bone – Issa is a chimaera woman who is half-human, half-serpent, and all badass. She is one of Karou’s found-family members, and she is both nurturing and powerful. She wields her sensuality as a weapon and does her best to provide for Karou despite the less-than-normal upbringing she and her family must provide. 
  2. Appa the Air Bison from Avatar: The Last Airbender – This is an Avatar fan blog like 30% of the time, which I realize might get old. But watch the episode “Appa’s Lost Days” (and the rest of the show), and you will know exactly why I adore him so much.
  3. Abraxos from Throne of Glass – Manon Blackbeak is my favorite ToG character, so it obviously makes sense that her puppy of a wyvern would be my favorite creature from the series. He is literally Toothless from the How to Train Your Dragon movies (not so much the books) and is a flower-sniffing cinnamon roll we must protect at all costs. (JUST LOOK AT HIM!)
  4. Mister Kindly the ??? from Nevernight – Guys I literally just got this little not-cat inked into my flesh forever. He is SO snarky and SO dry and SO perfect. Run along, read the series. Shoo!
  5. Pantalaimon the daemon from His Dark Materials – I want my own daemon, and I want him to be as sweet as Pan. Actually, my dog Max is 100% my Pantalaimon now that I think about it…


I took it the same way Paige did. It never would have occurred to be to put categories of creatures, but now I’m making up random combinations in my head, and that’s kinda fun! Anyway, to my actual list!

  1. Saphira from Eragon – does it really get better than a sassy dragon who has time for exactly no one’s BS? No. No, it does not.
  2. Ziri from Daughter of Smoke and Bone – Ziri is a chimera (and also a cinnamon roll) with antelope horns and hooves, bat wings, and a high human aspect. I love everything about Ziri – his heart, his fight, his determination to do anything he can for his people, and his ability to see past all of the superficial things that get in the way of understanding the people around him. He brought some humanity to an otherwise otherworldly story. Well, he and Zuz did, but she’s human (you clearly meant RABID FAIRY), so she doesn’t really count.
  3. Buckbeak from Harry Potter – YEAH I KNOW. I used an HP copout two weeks in a row, but I super don’t care. Ask Paige about the completely unnecessary sound I make whenever I see a Buckbeak anything at a store. She will confirm my love and obsession. (Homegirl loves her some Buckbeak.)
  4. Balrogs from The Lord of the Rings – So, if anyone wants to nerd out with me about all the cool ways the early elves and Maiar were corrupted prior to and during the forming of Arda in LOTR, let me know, because it’s awesome, and I love it. Assuming I’m in the minority on that one, it’s equally awesome to think about the power and formation of corrupted god spirits that inhabit fire and are nearly impossible to kill. I know they’re evil, but that’s just badass.
  5. Abraxos from Throne of Glass – Abraxos deserves the world and as many un-demon-touched animal carcasses he can find. Trust me, that’s a nicer sentiment than it sounds like it is. I love him, I love Manon, I love the thirteen, and I will fight anyone or anything that tries to hurt them.


So, after much thought and consideration… Okay, after a Facebook message when we realized our grievous error, we must also include Smaug as an honorary and very important collective number 11. He is fire, he is death, and this is from a letter Paige wrote to me over a year ago. I keep it pinned to my cubicle, because it is beautiful art, and Smaug is beautiful fury.


What are some of your favorite mythical creatures? There are so many to choose from that you can’t possibly go wrong, but we’d love to hear about all the creatures – character specific or not! – that you love.

See you next week!


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