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Hey guys! We thought we’d shake things up a little bit today and provide you with a few non-bookish facts about us as a way to give you a little more insider info about the nerdy ladies behind the screen. The original tag was created by Steph, the version of the tag we are using can be found here, and we were inspired by Madalyn at Novel Ink to do this tag for ourselves! Without further ado, here are the questions.

  • Three things we’d never give up

Paige: Dogs and fluffy creatures in general. If I ever develop and allergy or something, I’ll just have to suck it up. My dog Max is my favorite person. Pop punk music, because my middle and high school tastes have fused themselves to my personality, and I will absolutely never grow out of my love for Fall Out Boy. Pokemon games, because I love becoming attached to my little virtual dog-fighters.

Kate: Diet Coke – I already have to give it up 8 hours a day, because I work at one of the licensed promotional distributors for Pepsi. (LIFEBLOOD) That’s more than a person can realistically be asked to give, okay? Leggings – I’m a big believer in personal comforts for both relaxation and motivation. My books – I feel like this one’s self-explanatory.

  • Three Favorite Vegetables

Paige: Mushrooms – sauteed, stuffed, raw, marinated, ANYTHING. Red onions, bonus points if they’re pickled and on top of a bougie sandwich. Peppers of any and all sorts.

Kate: Cauliflower, Mushrooms, Brussels Sprouts – I used to hate all of these things, and then I grew up and learned I was wrong.

  • Three favorite fruits

Paige: Cherries, clementines, and bananaz.

Kate: Honeycrisp apples, strawberries, and cantaloupe. But it has to be a good, flavorful, musky cantaloupe, not one of those flavorless balls of acrid orange water.

  • Three shows I watched faithfully from beginning to end

Paige: Apart from Game of Thrones, there is literally no other show that I KNOW I have seen every episode of. But don’t worry, Kate 100% has me covered.

Kate: *cracks knuckles and stretches* WELL! I guess I’ll just have to tell you about five of mine, because SOMEONE is slacking. Admittedly, some of these are still on, but given that I’ve watched (and rewatched) loyally, I’m counting them anyway. Gilmore Girls is first and foremost in my heart. Always and forever. Except for the new ones – they don’t exist to me. Friends is also near and dear. I’ve watched it several (20, 25, 30ish times – who knows?) in its entirety, despite the fact that it premiered when I was four. I grew up alongside the characters of One Tree Hill, and it’s a show that I still rewatch and am affected by. The other two are, without question Grey’s Anatomy and Cougar Town. And by “without question” I mean they are the first ones that popped into my head, and I’ve since thought about 15 more. I watch A LOT of TV.

  • Three places we want to visit inside the US

Paige: Seattle, because my soul is convinced it belongs in the PNW. New York City, because I feel like there are so many things there that I absolutely must experience. New Orleans, because I want a damn beignet.

Kate: I have three big US trips that I’ve been toying with for some time now. I’d like to take a good 10 days or so for each one and really take the time to explore. I want to go to the PNW and see Seattle and Portland, do a loop through Asheville, Charleston, and Savannah; and finally, I’d like to see New England during fall foliage time, ideally staying in small towns in New Hampshire and Vermont, and finishing up with some delicious seafood on the Maine coast.

  • Three places we want to visit outside the US

Paige: Ireland, because my sister in law has visited twice since I have known her and MY GOD AM I JEALOUS. Also Kate has gone, and she went without me. Rude. The UK! Specifically London, for many of the same deep-seated reasons that I feel the need to visit NYC.

Kate: London and Ireland are great. You should totally do that. And also take me with you so I can go again! My wishlist is ever-changing, but my current top three are Scotland, Norway, and the Czech Republic. That list almost hurt me to write, because I had to cut off so many places.

  • Three things we always have with us

Paige: At least one lip balm, headphones, and some sort of book (I know this is a non-bookish, but this is just real life)

Kate: Phone, book, pen. It’s also rare to find me without my drivers license stashed somewhere on my person or in my immediate vicinity. I’m paranoid about needing it and not being able to find it.

  • Three qualities we like about ourselves

Paige: Especially compared to the version of myself from just a few years ago, I am much more comfortable in my skin. I also pride myself in my sense of humor. I ALSO feel like I am a pretty good friend, but I guess Kate has more of a valid opinion on that than I do.

Kate: She’s great. Either that or I have Stockholm Syndrome, because I invest large amounts of time and energy and silliness with Paige and don’t regret a second of it. As far as what I like about myself, I’d have to go with loyalty, hilariously ironic maternal instincts, and my sense of humor. It’s STUPID, and half the time I’m the only one who thinks I’m funny, but as I get older, I’m okay with that.

  • Three qualities we dislike about ourselves

Paige: I am horrendously impatient. My anxiety issues overall, which can make me scared or irritable or even more impatient or just incredibly sad. Unsubscribe. I also wish I was a couple of inches taller, not for aesthetic reasons, but because I feel like I could reach SO MANY MORE THINGS.

Kate: DANGER WILL ROBINSON! Generally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of myself, but the help of family, friends, licensed professionals, and sheer force of will, I’m getting there. Impatience is also top of my list – I want things done on my schedule. I also break down, sometimes completely, when plans get messed up. I could do without the little beast in my brain named depression, because it makes just about everything more difficult even when i’m having a great day. And finally, I could have done without gaining all this weight from emotional comfort eating (see point number two) that I now am in a position of having to work with a doctor, nutritionist, and trainer to lose.

  • Three most recent movies we watched

Paige: The Incredibles 2 (liked), Black Panther (LOVED), and Infinity War (can’t speak about this still)  OH GOD HOW DID I FORGET DEADPOOL. So gud. So. So gud. This is four, but Kate reminded me about Deadpool and I can’t take it off.

Kate: Um. I don’t know. The last one I saw in the theater was Deadpool 2. I watched The Greatest Showman and Baywatch on the plane back from Italy. I know I’ve seen movies other than that in the last two months, but I can’t think of them right now.

  • Three books we read and loved in high school

Paige: Enchantment by Orson Scott Card, which makes me sad because he’s a trash can. Twilight, because I was 16 in 2007. The Vampire Academy books for the exact same reason. ASK KATE ABOUT MY SCHOOL’S ADHERENCE TO REQUIRED READING STANDARDS.

Kate: It…wasn’t great…but I’ve learned since then that my high school was overly thorough, so we’ll just leave that one alone. My three favorite books/series in high school were Eragon, Mortal Instruments, and A Great and Terrible Beauty until she made KARTIK TURN INTO A FRIGGIN’ TREE! (You’re a tree) I’m still not over it, and I refuse to apologize for an 11 year old spoiler.

  • Three most often used makeup products

Paige: Ya girl is 99% makeup free because she sucks at it, but if I do wear something, it’s almost always eye related or lipstick.

Kate: I only wear makeup about 25% of the time, but when I do, my go-to products are some kind of blush, the OG Naked Palette by Urban Decay, and Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced.

  • Three pet peeves

Paige: Generally oblivious people, mostly in the context of my job. It’s a very autonomous research type position, and people can be loud in a quiet space or take up TONS of room where there isn’t any, and it makes me rage. When people “soak” dishes in the sink for days on end and suddenly I’m out of fucking forks. People who are rude to service workers.

Kate: HAVING EXPECTATIONS OF OTHERS YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO MAKE AN HONEST EFFORT TO LIVE UP TO YOURSELF. I think this applies to work, family, and friends. If you’re gonna ask for it, you better be willing to give it. People who refuse to move out of the left lane. When other people’s plodding or procrastination affects my schedule.

  • Three things that make us laugh

Paige: Top-notch games of Quiplash with excellent friends. Unexpected jokes from my incredibly mild and dead-pan husband. The interesting ways my cats arrange their bodies and faces.

Kate: Aside from a whole host of things that probably shouldn’t, I’m going to start by stealing Paige’s Quiplash answer. We have hilarious acquaintances. Anything dry or punny even though I pretend to be annoyed. My dog when he misses a jump. (It’s HILARIOUS. Malcolm is v v v talented.)

  • Three things that make us cry

Paige: Sad animal stories. Videos where animals are reunited with their people. When my dog is being painfully adorable. See a theme here?

Kate: I’m a crier, so this one’s tough to narrow down. Top three: seeing my mother cry, that bone-deep exhaustion that hits when you try to take on too much and finally start to let some things go (or maybe that’s just me?), and my grandparents’ birth and death days.


So that’s a little bit more about us! Comment down below if you have any more questions, or if you’re also a huge Diet Coke fiend like both of us, or if you read any of these at all and think OH GOD ME TOO I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE! Wanna do this tag yourself? CONSIDER YOURSELF TAGGED! Leave us a link to your tag post or video in the comments. Thank you so much for reading!


5 responses to “Non-Bookish Content: 3 Things Book Tag

  1. Oh yay, I’m glad y’all did this tag! I love reading people’s answers to this one. Kate, you totally need to visit Asheville, Savannah, and Charleston! Having grown up in the South, I’ve been to all three sooo many times, but they’re very worth a visit! I loved Seattle and wanna go back in the near future, and my family has a Czech Republic trip planned for this fall that I can’t wait for! Omg, Paige, I totally relate to loving Orson Scott Card’s books in high school and then later finding out he is actual hot garbage. HAHA the Gemma Doyle Trilogy is actual my all-time favorite series, but Kate’s tree comment made me giggle. And ahh, QUIPLASH! The BEST.

    • A Conjuring of Lit

      ANOTHER QUIPLASH LOVER! We don’t find very many, so it’s always exciting!! Have so much fun in the Czech Republic – that sounds absolutely amazing!

  2. Wow, never have I felt like foreigner in a foreign land while in the land of my birth. Many different (and similar) likes and dislikes. Much of what I ingested I simply did not comprehend. Not having similar experiences will manifest this. That said New York is a great city but to get the gist without the travel thing simply listen to Lou Reed’s “heroin” it will give you the visual of NYC that traveling there could never do. Television machine shows on Netflix,of course, stranger things, no question, black mirror has some major introspective syfy mojo. I like the 100. You know the ultimate dystopian tale that cleverly goes on for 5 seasons, excellent really if you are searching for lost hope and an ever shrinking human population at the hands of humans. Music well I could go on, but in brief, I lean to the hopeless and Orwellian melodies and lyrics of glam, prog and power pop rejuvenated by the guardian of the galaxy. What makes me cry, underdog triumph stories, true love, fluffy bunnies and dolphins beating sharks.

  3. I just discovered this tag over at Madalyn’s and somehow found my way here, because Kate is my new #otspsecretsister pen pal. *waves*

    But YES to Diet Coke. I mean, I don’t even drink it because of the zero calories thing. I just prefer the taste over regular Coke. Sometimes I think it might be easier to prefer Pepsi than Diet Coke, because people give you ALL SORTS OF LOOKS. But regular Coke makes my teeth feel all sugary and gross.

    Aha, I’m also one of those people who find themselves very funny, so Kate, you and I will get along splendidly. I can laugh at your jokes and you can laugh at mine, it will be a good deal. I’ve already ordered some punny cards for your benefit. Do you also relate to Chandler Bing? I feel like I AM Chandler Bing. Also, Norway is beautiful and you will adore it once you get there. Scotland is #1 on my to-see list, and I am visiting London at the end of August! I’ve been before but it’s still exciting. Would you like a post card?

    Paige, you love dogs and punk rock music and Pokémon and somehow we are not best friends. Why is this? Hehehe I was a total Twihard in high school as well. I’m planning to watch the movie again soon because I could use a good laugh. I’ve been to Dublin, but definitely want to visit the rest of Ireland as well. Dublin was so beautiful. You will love London, too! It is majestic.

    • Paige

      Diet Coke makes the world go round! I’m so excited to hear more about you as Kate gets to know you! I actually have only watched the first Twilight movie, but a friend recently made me watch the ending to Breaking Dawn and it BLEW MY MIND. So crazy. I definitely could see myself watching the movies for nostalgia’s sake. It would probably be SO funny.

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