I Love The Lunar Chronicles And So Should You

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I’ve been trying to find a way to write this post constructively, but I’m going to tell you right now that I’m not entirely sure that’s possible. You see, I have this undying, all-consuming love of The Lunar Chronicles and the people and worlds that make it everything that it is.

See? No perspective or objectivity whatsoever.

When I read Wires and Nerve last winter, I was so antsy to return to that world, that I swore to myself I would re-read the whole series in time for the second volume to come out. Well, I didn’t pick up another Lunar Chronicles book until I was scrolling through my library’s available audiobooks late last fall and saw Stars Above. I got it and started listening. Not only was I reminded (again) how much I love Cinder and crew, but the narrator, Rebecca Soler, was AMAZING. Then I looked at a calendar and realized that I had approximately two months until Gone Rogue was coming out, still had to do an absurd number of holiday things (nine Christmases, people – NINE!), and I had a TBR list longer than I am tall. I didn’t think there was any possible way it was going to happen.

Enter my local library’s amazing OverDrive collection. Also, my complete lack of self control that lead to acquiring an Audible account, because putting a hold on things meant waiting too long. One month later, I had accomplished my goal, and it made me SO HAPPY! If Paige had a dollar for every time I freaked out about how great the audiobooks were, especially Winter, she could buy herself several Diet Cokes. (It’s not as weird a barometer as it sounds. Trust me.)

To circle back to the point here a bit, I would like to encourage any of you maybe not read this series to give it a shot. Cinder was a debut novel, and though both it and Scarlet had the markings of an author finding her footing, they were still complex and unique enough to compel the me forward. They also stood the test of time years later, when both my evolving taste and the warm light of nostalgia had the potential to create far too much expectation as I was reading them.

On top of that, Marissa Meyer does an incredible job of making these stories their own. I don’t Cress and think, “Oh goody Rapunzel tropes.” I read it and think, “Holy crap! This is amazing! What’s going to happen next?” It makes it so much more gratifying to be able to read a retelling that way, because I’m being propelled through this new story on it’s own merits. I still expect and am very excited when Cress is rescued from her “tower”, but the world, events, and characters, that populate the story and surround the rescue make it something new. Not to mention all the badass feminist ways Meyer turns a bunch of old fairy tale tropes on their heads, my personal favorite being how Winter sticks it to Levana, but I’m not going to spoil that for those who haven’t devoured this series yet.

Here’s the bottom line: just read these. Read them and experience them and love them. And if you don’t love them as much as I do, well, you’re entitled to that opinion, but I couldn’t hold in my stupid levels of excitement about it any longer!

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